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Personal Branding Photo Session with Anthony Lê

Founder, Leadership Coach, Community Organizer

Anthony Lê is the founder of PVTL Moments - Life, Career, and Leadership Coaching.

He has been the Deputy Director at the Asian Pacific American Leadership Institute in San José, California since 2016.

He contacted me because he was coming to San Diego for his birthday and wanted to create new personal branding photos. I love that he treated himself to an amazing photoshoot. I felt honored.

Since the beginning of the CoVid19 pandemic, there has been a pronounced increase in Asian hate crimes. Anthony found that his clients needed support navigating through the trauma, the uncertainty, and the stress that these events were creating while facing the everyday challenges of their careers. Our intent was to highlight Anthony’s confident and positive personality and to create photos that gave a sense of welcoming approachability.

His wardrobe is timeless and comfortable, giving a feeling of warmth and openness.

Although his clothing colors are neutral, we created a sense of happiness and fun with colorful walls as backdrops.

Because mindfulness is important to Anthony, we spent some time at a rocky location at the beach. The backdrop of the ocean gives a sense of calm, wouldn’t you agree?

For a more professional look, he wore a suit blazer but we gave his look a modern and youthful vibe with his dark jeans.

We show Anthony meeting with a couple of clients. I feel it is so important to have photos of your clients doing what they love to do. These “action” photos are perfect to use on websites and social media.

And of course, a few shots at the studio for photos to use with his bio when he speaks at conferences and other leadership events.

We had so much fun together, and this session provided him with a bank of quality personal branding images to utilize in his marketing campaign for the next 12 months!

You can message Anthony through his Instagram account, @pvtlmoments, or his Linkedin profile,


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