Hey You! 

I'm Cristina and my mission is to help you bring out

your best self

so that your 

authenticity & inner confidence 

shine through.

Let’s embrace everything that makes you amazingly unique

with high-quality professional images that help you

show up & stand out

for your personal, social, and professional dreams.

I can't wait to meet you.

Your personal branding photos show everyone

your courage & your commitment.

You are showing the world

what you do & who you are!

It's as easy as...


We Plan

We'll talk about your personal and professional goals, discuss the mood, feeling, and visual style that best represents your personal brand, and collaborate about your upcoming photo session.  


We Shoot

We have our plan and the day will be efficient and fun. We will have props on hand, wardrobe ready, and locations planned out.

There will be a lot of laughing and the photos will be amazing.


YOU Shine!

We'll celebrate your new image bank of incredible photos. I will offer recommendations about how you can use the photos strategically in your social media & digital marketing campaigns.